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Accès client

Learn to add, sort, and categorize your contacts. Learn about the features of the various tabs for each contact and how they can help you stay in touch and grow your business.

Don’t miss a single appointment or event. Organize and manage your calendar effectively with the Contact Management System.

Contact Management

Our Contact Management System allows you to manage and organize all your contacts, stay on top of your schedule, and follow up on all your tasks. Learn to navigate your CMS to ensure that you maintain relationships with all your contacts.

4. Managing Calendars

See an overview of the CMS. Learn about the CMS Dashboard, managing your contacts, and staying organized with your calendar and To Do list.

1. Overview

2. Dashboard
3. Contacts

The CMS Dashboard gives you a helpful overview of your contacts, your calendar, upcoming events, and your tasks. It is the main page you are directed to when accessing your Contacts.


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