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Accès client

Client Activity

View all email campaigns and blasts that have been sent to each of your clients.

Email Templates

Our professionally designed, easy to use templates make all your emails look professional while still illustrating your personality.

Email Marketing System Overview

Our easy to manage Email Marketing System allows you to capture and keep your clients using drip campaigns and email blasts. Sign your clients up for specific email campaigns and market reports and remain visible.

Difference Between Drip Campaigns & Email Blasts

Still unsure what the differences are between a drip campaign and an email blast? Learn once and for all.

Email Blast

Send emails to a specific group of clients. Send listings and market reports, too using our Email Marketing System.

Benefits of the "Preview"

Never send out an email before previewing it. Learn why!

Email Template Variables

Add specific variables to your emails to save you time and ensure your contacts always have a way to contact you.

Choose Recipients

Learn how to choose recipients for email drip campaigns and email blasts.

Email Drip Campaigns

Send a series of emails to a particular client. Keep your name in front of your clients so they’ll think of you the next time they want to buy or when their friends and family are looking for a reference.

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